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Marketing and Merchandising Assistance…and You're worth it!

If you've not yet joined FLYMOP as a customer, please give us a try! We are certain you will find improved designs, quality and great prices along with our total dedication and support. Best of all, we have the in-house ability to assist you in every manner of marketing. We will lighten your load in both time and money you will have to spend when you sell our products. From catalogs, flyers, videos and displays, we can provide you with the materials you need for free or at a nominal price — giving you more time to sell and serve your customers. We fully support our customers as a partner in business and in every way make FLYMOP products "EASY BUY, EASY SELL". 

Give us an opportunity to be your partner by contacting us TODAY and let us show you how we can be your best and most effective cleaning products supplier.